Ever thought about an existing well-built platform that could take care of your content generation needs as well as look into delivering an enhanced customer experience? Hubspot is here to help. With an amazing backend interface that lets even those unequipped with the world of data science experience the novelties of the platform, Hubspot is power-packed with the choicest of elements and templates to choose from. 


Call it a CMS or your own CRM, it is at your disposal. There’s a plethora available in terms of storage space, with inbuilt features, pages, add-ons that aim at bettering your content management experiences. Treat it like your own design board or a marketplace and get started.


Let’s not forget about the fad of being certified post the scores of courses especially when the pandemic first hit us. Being HubSpot certified could mean a great deal as these self-taught courses have the potential of making you stand out when it comes to a job application. 


While it may first seem a bit intimidating for novices or those who have been using other platforms to meet their professional requirements, HubSpot proves to be an all-comprehensive platform, replete with aids and tutorials to help you out if you’re stuck.


If you enter the URL in the search, you’ll be directed to their landing page. Now, no need to feel confused looking at ‘HubSpot free’. HubSpot is an all-in-one software, and no matter how altruistic a company is, profit is at the heart of any business. Under ‘Software’ you’d see the various hubs:


Marketing: Consider this element of HubSpot to be your wingman. Leave it to HubSpot when it comes to looking for content, scheduling, curating, ads and else. With several reminders and in-depth insights, it is sure to keep you on your toes.


Sales: While marketing and sales departments go hand-in-hand, HubSpot has got separate sections to cover the two as they’re quite distinct. Familiarise yourself with the various functionalities, or embrace the wonders of reporting and analysing made easy, due to this.


Service: Customer relationship management aka CRM. Gone are the days when your product or service was the centre of your universe. It all now comes down to how you make your customers feel. Right from surveys, feedback sessions to automated desks, HubSpot will keep you coming back for more.


CMS: Content Management System: Write. Edit. Analyse. Proofread. Monitor. Measure. Exactly what this CMS does for you across a wide choice of templates, recommendations and other characteristics.


While the first three have a few free plans available (freemium resources), CMS needs to be paid for. A personal suggestion would be to sign-up for a free trial at the beginning of everything so that you know what the functionings are like.


With live chat supports, sales enablers, lead generators, social media and digital tools and a forum of likeminded individuals, give it a try and you will not regret it.


PS: Not a paid promotion. The aim of such blog pieces is to familiarise readers with the basic novelties of the various existing platforms. For advanced information, it is recommended to check out HubSpot’s website itself.

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