Someone great once aptly remarked, ‘Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering’. Perhaps this translates into the wonders of Salesforce. 


What exactly is Salesforce?


In simple words, it’s cloud-based software. It aims at enhancing the customer journey and has got all your customer-related needs covered. Not just customer relationship management, it provides a range of automated complimentary services such as tracking analytics, marketing, software development and everything to ensure an enhanced work experience. 


How is it helpful to marketers?


Salesforce has made marketing simple. Not just streamlining the activities, it helps you to analyse your data and enhance your marketing efforts. Gone are the days where you would have had to store your paperwork. With Salesforce automated dashboards, your information is preserved and presented to you in the best way possible.


How is it helpful in making those sales figures?


While marketing and sales often go hand-in-hand, they are twice as important. Salesforce incorporates the wonders brought to us by data science and helps in cross-selling. Plus, you can always keep track of KPIs, use their integrations that enable you to get all of your customer data in one place and personalise this data according to your requirements.


How is it used by businesses?


On a whole, Salesforce is your go-to. Companies that have used Salesforce in their practices know what their customers need and have automated such processes to reduce the manual workload. It’s CRM made simple!


You can also share information seamlessly and collaborate on projects across teams or organisations. 


If you’re a business owner and are in a fix when it comes to hiring employees for carrying out these activities, Salesforce will have you covered. With features right from protecting your dashboard to tracking opportunities, management, personalisation and user-friendly interfaces, Salesforce is becoming increasingly popular. 


Note: Such posts are not paid promotions. The aim is to provide the viewers with basic information.



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