As a freelance content creator, I would say that my job wasn’t solely limited to creating and managing content. I was fortunate enough to explore the mechanisms behind the software on which the content was supposed to be created and managed, and though the thought did intimidate me at first, in no time was I accustomed to the wonders of this exuberant platform- Shopify.


What is Shopify?


Before anything, Shopify is your space. Treat it as your own platform to do business. While WordPress is a great handy sketchpad to accumulate your thoughts, it becomes a little tricky when it comes to monetising your handiwork. 


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Shopify was established to put such eCommerce worries at bay. Consider yourself as a DIY entrepreneur. First times are intimidating and while you’re excited to launch your products, you don’t want to do anything that burns a hole in your pocket. This is where Shopify comes to the rescue. Right from organising the layout of your online store to actually hosting it, it has got you covered.


What are its main characteristics?


Shopify can be said to pamper you with the plethora of things that it has to offer, right from unlimited storage to online sales channels, templates, user forums and much more. An added feature is that it can do timely fraud audits thereby protecting your site and the business against any scams.


You don’t need to fret about getting a license to carry out your operations (however, it is recommended to double-check with your regional laws).


How does Shopify help you sell?


We wouldn’t be delving into the complex technical world but Shopify basically does business without borders as long as it’s legal and does no harm to anyone. Based on a subscription software model, you’ve got loads of self-explanatory as well as detailed FAQ sections that guide you through the procedures of running your dream business. Set up a site, advertise your products and voila, you’re now an entrepreneur! 


As mentioned before, Shopify is a well-hosted platform meaning that once you sign up under one of its plans, you don’t have to pay any more to host your business. Hosting allows your site information to be stored across the internet and be visible to endless potential customers. You can then choose a template that you think would suit your business and add as many pages and features as you like (under the plan that you have chosen). Your payment processes are looked after as well, further enabling you to put your worries aside and trust this platform.


What are you waiting for?

Note: Such posts are not paid promotions. The aim is to provide the viewers with basic information.



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