I was formally introduced to Wix when I had to create a sample website for my digital marketing course assessment. While I have been fortunate enough to have had experience at blogging on WordPress and set up eCommerce sites on Shopify, Wix was what caught my eye.


Described as a custom website builder, it’s a beautiful tool once you articulate what needs to be done. Packed with great features, an easy-to-use interface that includes an extensive searchable base, using Wix can make your dreams come true. The tricky parts, however, are changing the layout once you decide to ‘publish’ or make your site go live and perhaps some sort of dependence on third-party apps for scalability.


Who does Wix benefit?


You can be an amateur or a professional and Wix will have you covered. Typically, Wix is used by small businesses such as local cafes, photographers, designers- basically anyone who needs to use it as their own portfolio or needs to just get started.


The added advantage is that you can take care of your site even when you’re away from your desk as it lets you control the functions from your phone. That means working on your holiday made easy!


You can also create your own resume on Wix! Yes!


Called a freemium resource, there are loads of options to choose from once you’ve upgraded your plan, as per your needs (Though the basic, free version does have a lot of storage). Wix eCommerce is great as it helps you in boosting your business in no time.


Remember, Wix is ideal to get you started. While you may eventually find the need to either upgrade or switch to a more advanced platform, the convenience of Wix outweighs all other costs associated in terms of money and efforts.

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