It is 2021. Being boring will put you out of business. And while you strive your best for marketing, remember it is no longer solely about the products that you create, but the way you sell by fabricating stories. We believe that with these digital marketing tips and tools, you can have tricks rolled up your sleeves.


First, let’s talk about one of mankind’s geniuses, Google. Besides being our go-to search engine, it does offer a lot of tools, tips and certifications to help one market their products or increase their knowledge base. (Note: This is not a paid post)


Google Adsense: If you are a content creator or a web content manager and are working on a website that matches the audience of certain advertisers, AdSense will place their ads on your platform. All that you’ve got to do is place some code in the header or sidebar (copy-paste the code that is provided, you don’t have to be a geek to develop your own code) and you can start minting’em euros when someone clicks on the ad. These are created in a way that have a certain remarketing or responsive design to suit your type of audience essentially. What’s more is the fact that you can block certain ads.


Is it free? Participation in AdSense is free.


Google AdWords: You can run paid search campaigns and can have your material put up on graphics as display ads, youtube video ads and different types of ads to choose from. You can also target people from different sectors and locales.


Google Ad Keyword Planner: With this, you can plan your paid search campaigns. You can identify the keywords and target the relevant audiences accordingly, as it displays search volumes. You can set your PPC budget and create a shareable plan with others.


Free? Yes


Google Analytics: One of the finest monitoring tools, it allows you to track who has visited your site and from where, how much time have they spent, the bounce rates, search queries they put in and else. That way, you can develop reports and optimise your site even better to deliver better user experiences. It works seamlessly with most other platforms. A great advantage is that you can use it on a test platform too, and it ensures you get real opinion from real people and not bots.


Free? Yes


However, does that mean there are no other platforms that have analytics and you have to rely on Google completely? What if Google goes down like it did in the last month of 2020? Even the loss of work by a second can mean hundreds of euros at times. What if you handle highly confidential data that you wouldn’t want Google to leak even by accident?


You can always refer to some other providers such as Woopra, FoxMetrics, Piwik Pro Analytics.


Since we’re on this topic, let’s delve a bit into bounce rate. It represents the percentage of internet users who enter the site and then leave rather than continuing to view the site. 


Google Search Console: It helps you understand how Google sees your business. It can provide you with detailed crawled reports and indexing information about your pages directly from Google Index. It can be integrated with Analytics. 


Is it free? Yes


Google Index: Hundreds of billions of web pages arranged and indexed in Google’s massive database. 


What is crawling?


The process by which Google visits new pages and adds them to the ever-expanding Google Index.


Google Trends: You can see the search volumes of keywords so that you can see which is the most trending and accordingly use those keywords. You can run comparisons and also see the fluctuations. 


Is it free? Yes


Google My Business (GMB): Great opportunity for local businesses to develop and work on their ‘near me’ result. Now, ‘near me’ doesn’t always mean the best. Suppose you enter ‘best cafes’ in Google. The top results that you’ll come across might be the those in your vicinity, where you’ll be able to see their operational hours, the ratings and reviews that they have received, followed by perhaps the top-rated cafes as per the various other sites. The former is an example of GMB while the latter is an example of good SEO.


With GMB, you can provide real-time accurate data which is a great way of attracting potential customers. 


Is it free? Yes


G-Suite Marketplace: All of your third-party apps and those integrated with your Google Cloud are listed here so that you can use them in your business. 


Some of them are for free.


Moving to the next part is quintessential and perhaps the basics of Word: Bold, Italics, Underline. Sure, they make your content look appealing. But what are their other benefits? Most of the blog readers are speed readers who enjoy skimming through posts. That can result in bounce rates. It helps with SEO as the content gets optimised allowing the search engine to read it better and perhaps rank it higher depending on the users who visit your site. 


This doesn’t mean you overdo stuff because if everything is emphasised, nothing stands-out as such, resulting in the search engine considering it to be your average stuff. Italics can also signify certain foreign words or block quotes whereas underlines, at times, can mean hyperlinks. How does hyperlinks or link-building help? It helps discover related content for users. What’s in it for you? High-traffic, high-quality and better SEO.


Funnel marketing through AdWords: We do know the importance of funnel when it comes to marketing or digital marketing- Moving through a collection of stages in an attempt to push potential customers through the buyer’s journey to ultimately make a purchase. 


Steps: Awareness> Interest> Consideration> Intent> Evaluation> Purchase


In simple words, you start with lead acquisition & traffic> calls to action & conversion> closing the sale> encouraging the customer to return


With AdWords, you start with Impressions> Clicks> Form conversions> leads> opportunities


Let’s talk about lead generations. It is the process of arousing interest in a person and then converting them into a customer. A commonplace example would be job applications which become lead generators as they attract job seekers who in turn are potential employees. 


There’s also something known as Conversion Path: Series of events ie call-to-action> landing page with signup form> thank you (the process of converting into customers)


Key performance indicators (KPIs): They’re of measurable value. Basically, anything on which the success of a business depends- Revenue growth, income sources, increase in social media followers, increase in CTRs etc.


Last but not least in this context is plagiarism. It might not be a tool or trick but is definitely a tip. While submitting a college assignment, plagiarism is the one thing that must be scaring the daylights out of every student. What does it mean for digital marketing? 


The more original content you come up with, your audience would be riveted by what you have to offer as they’re always on a hunt to seek something new. Why do it? Plagiarism is morally incorrect and can destroy your own reputation and integrity of the business. Now, while it might seem harmless at first, plagiarised texts can totally offset your customers, especially if someone has a sharp eye. 


There are tools that help you check for the plagiarism level but the simplest thing that you could do is copy-paste the text that you think is plagiarised and paste it in your search engine and voila, if it is plagiarised, the exact same results would show up in your results. 


It is a punishable offence as it falls under copyright- Intellectual Property Rights, yes, at the same time, it can be quite lethal for your SEO. Your entire website can be stolen or Google may just decide to remove you/ block you from its results. We do understand that it may not always be possible to present content but you could always paraphrase. 


As they say, if it isn’t on Google, it doesn’t exist.


There are loads of tools under Google as well as concepts in digital marketing but we’ve enlisted only those we feel would be of importance. And while there are other search engines out there, we have focused on Google as it is all-comprehensive digital marketing start-up kit.


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