I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed, quite popular and akin to Instagram feed these days, when I came across a post on this topic, which prompted me to don on my thinking cap and ponder how true is the fact that in this bustling world, replete with modern amenities for the day, we might be out of office but never out of the phone, or off phone.


As we embark on this fresh journey for the year 2021, let’s take a moment to reflect- 2020 proved to be quite a lesson, rather an opportunity in adversity. It was then when we were acquainted with Zoom coffee meets, Skype lunches and Google Meet chit-chats. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention and while the economy around the world seemed crippled, digital transformations paved the way for what seems to be a complete makeover.


Student interns, volunteers, graduates, millennials and established stalwarts alike- Would y’all leave any opportunity that comes knocking your way? Would you want to stay out of touch with what’s happening in the world? 


The Internet has magically captivated us and it is safe to say that perhaps we spend every waking moment of our lives browsing through the galore that this ‘net’ has to offer, or making use of technology in some or the other way. 


Looks like the typical 09.00-17.00 office days are gone and also the days when work would be done only if you had your computer or laptop by your side. While these big screens paved the way to the cool tablets, smartphones seemed to up their game by coming out with the latest inbuilt features (Will save you the efforts from reading into the details on technology)


So what do you do with smartphones? As much as people love to ‘mindlessly’ scroll through their social media feed, studies reveal that there has been an incessant increase in ‘mindlessly’ checking emails, or important work-related stuff even after an ‘out-of-office’ automated reply has been activated.


While the constant pinging, notifications, alarms and reminders may look dreadful to an outsider and at times might stress you out, you know that your mind has been crafted this way. And, you’re not alone. This is what today’s age demands. It’s a period of either ‘making it’ or ‘breaking it’. 


The real question is: When is the right time to go off your phone? Stay tuned for more on this.


*References have been made at a couple of places and we duly acknowledge them

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