While people often say customers are the key to a business’ success, the true emotion rests the principle of ‘happy customers’ aka satisfied. Happy customers translate into greater reputation for your business and a guaranteed steam of income, which in other words mean customer loyalty.


What has become increasingly popular is the fact of how customers have emerged to be ardent fans of speed. Gone are the days when they have to wait for a representative to get their concerns addressed; instead they try and look for the solutions themselves- FAQ sections & tutorials  FTW! That is what is known as self-service.


While the concept of self-service has been digitised of late with technologies, self service in the hospitality sector have been given an equivalent boost. There have been an emergence in the concept of kiosks that have become quite a pivotal factor of the quick-service restaurant (QSRs) fraternity, allowing customers to order the choicest of fares from the menus, without having to wait for any attendant to cater to them.


Self-service is quite an umbrella term with employee self service (ESS) being another category under it. ESS is an option that is available with most Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) these days, that allows for more flexibility to the employees thereby relieving a major chunk of stress. What’s more, the ESS isn’t just limited to those in the HR department but is available to every other employee so that they are able to manage their documentation with regards to payroll, schedules, perks and other relevant information. Given the need of the hour and with large corporations leaving no stone unturned to reap huge financial results, ESS seems to have been seamlessly adopted into their systems, with relatively smaller and medium scale companies being in the process of following their footsteps.


With the onset of the pandemic and the second wave of the virus hitting hard, there have been seismic shifts in the businesses, with travel & hospitality sectors getting  heavily affected. And while it indeed is a crucial moment, every adversity is an opportunity in itself. With this so-called ‘virtualisation’ that has trickled into every sphere of life, there has been a sudden rise in the customers opting for self-service options, possibly to avoid interactions at all.


Only time will tell how effective the concept has evolved in the total customer experience.


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