With the last Monday of the month as a bank holiday that commences midterm break in schools, who doesn’t enjoy a week of sweet nothings? Or maybe sour? 


While the current restrictions have seemed to paralyse the fanfare around Halloween, companies around the globe have done their best to not let this festivity go down the drains. Social media, at the moment, is exploding, and with tweets and streaks being the fad, we present to you the most observed and trendy social media styles in vogue as of now. 


What do you get when you drop a pumpkin? Squash!


Halloween puns: What better way than to entice people by coming up with something quirky? ‘Trick or treat yourself?’- Does that sound too dark? Or Gourd-geous much?


Theme: Play on the colour palettes of your social media profiles. Colours play a pivotal role in marketing- the more attention-seeking your campaign is, the better your engagement would be. While black looks plush, it is indeed THE colour of the season, or colour of the soul as they say. Ghouls who just want to have fun!


Imagery: Guess what- hall pass to post spooky images! Sure, the small monsters at the corner of the graphics or small skulls popping up in the background would add to the eerieness of the theme and won’t do much harm? Graphic designers in the house, it’s showdown time! Also, for those who do not have expertise in design, worry not- Canva or Stencil are your best mates!


Not just digital marketing or e-commerce companies, even brands have made sure to incorporate such quirky tastes in their styles. Take a look at Lush Cosmetics- never once have they failed to amaze their audience with their resplendent creativity. Punkin’ pumpkin, fangs ‘n’ eyes, bat art…as spooky as it gets! Bat- oops, pandemic pun too soon?


Satire apart, what’s the highlight here? Redefined product lines, year on year, coupled with some extraordinary photography and strong visuals. 


Next up we’ve our dear coffee conglomerate, Starbucks, which has definitely left no stone unturned. With the stores regaling in the decor but shut to customers for indoor seating, it’s all set to offer its delicious Halloween Frappuccinos as takeaways!


Lesson: Once you’ve established yourself as THE name in your industry, customers will come to you no matter what the circumstances are. 


Let’s talk about Marks & Spencer’s- Their food never fails to astonish their connoisseurs. Beastly bangers, spook-tacular treats, yumnuts, toffee apples are to name a few!


Takeaway from these: Pictures are the key!


Discounts are the cherry on the cake! As much as customers love to browse through the manoeuvrings the season has to offer replete with some out-of-the-box creativity, who doesn’t love the great shopping bonanzas? Keep an eye out on the online stores of your brands this weekend.


TikTok is another great platform, no matter what some opine. While the 2019 Chipotle campaign saw their Burrito campaign in its full force, Instagram Reels is surely upping its game to come up with one-minute special Halloween trends or challenges. 


Photo contests: What’s better than having to look through how creative everybody has been by using all the tricks up their sleeves- This is where the hashtag game becomes strong!


Ultimately, however, it comes down to you as to what would you want to be the best for your business. 


While this Halloween won’t be like the previous ones, let’s do our best to stay safe to enjoy the online activities to the fullest, or while keeping a decent distance. Let’s follow the norms now so that we’ve a better Christmas and New Year’s.


Creepin’ it real, eh?


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