Who doesn’t wish for Mondays to be shorter, coffee to be stronger and the weekend to come faster? If you’ve ever wished for these, you’re not alone- Welcome to this ever-busy world of millennials who all seem to be enrolled by default in some kind of rat race to emerge as successful! And while who isn’t desirous of success, everything comes at a price- Enter fierce competitions, sleepless nights, anxiety and many more things.


Who are these millennials? Lexicographically, anybody between the ages of 22 to mid-30s can be termed as a millennial aka Gen Y- Closely following Gen X and preceding Gen Z! Right, if you were to draw up a standard persona based on the information provided here, what would you come up with? Someone who is in their youth, bitten by the capitalist bug and the never-quenching thirst to succeed, packed with ambition and a lot of adrenaline! The white-collared job-holders whom you see dining occasionally at fancy cafes in their breaks, or those who perhaps don’t mind splurging a bit on their off-work passion.


While it may seem that their lifestyle is quite prime and lush, it can be referred to as grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side scenario. Everything comes at a price and perhaps to acquire all at once, they must’ve made sacrifices on other aspects of their lives.


Let’s take a day out of their schedule- A 10.00-17.00 experience. An office job in one of the prime locations in the city. Work from home now owing to the recent circumstances. Their cabins or hot desks have been equipped with the latest products- smart devices, stationery and their dose of caffeine! How does a typical day look? Browsing endlessly through the web pages to land on that specific query they’ve been relentlessly working on, chalking down ideas to present in the next meet, scheduling calls- The list is endless.


While a lot of companies are of the opinion that a lot of non-work makes up this schedule of theirs, nobody can really help it. There have been suggestions made, hence, from a lot of unions urging the week to comprise of four working days instead of the five in place- If employees get an additional day off, they might be able to concentrate better on work and not get deterred. 


This article might seem to highlight the point-of-view of a typical office-goer, as students, graduates and all those aspirants looking for work seem to yearn for a typical office-job that doesn’t seem to be that stressful. However, they might be in for a surprise considering the not-so-good things that come as baggage- prolonged periods of using the laptop while doing sedentary work causes a range of health issues, stress levels, zero physical exertion among many others.


Technology has indeed proven itself to be nothing less than magic, equipped with the modern geniuses of science that make things happen seamlessly- Gone are the days when you would have to write a letter on paper or even fax it. There, you save on time and costs by simply emailing it. When the customary practice of dropping individual emails seemed too daunting at times, there came in mail merge and now, automated campaigns. In a flash of light or the blink of an eye, you can be transported into an altogether different reality!


So, in a week that lasts from Monday to Friday, with occasional work at times over the weekend, it can be described to be a sort of paraphernalia, quite vital in building a career. The age of being a millennial is supposed to be the prime age, the age to make things happen.


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