Ideas are easy, implementation is hard, and that’s when the CEO comes into the picture.

While it’s easy to say that the job of a CEO might involve nothing other than the fact of sitting on the chair that signifies the position and giving a few orders here and there, the reality is far from what is perceived.


While we do come across news of how those at such positions have often misused their power and ultimately done things in their vested interests, there do exist a lot of things that are crucial in the running of any enterprise, behind the scene. 


In all honesty, do you really think that running a company, no matter what the size, is a cakewalk? I doubt that.


To begin with, nobody is a born Chief Executive Officer. Not even if the business is run by your family and handed to you on a silver platter. Have we forgotten how there exist strifes even in families where any act of incompetence translates immediately into unfit-for-running the business? While leading might be an innate quality, it has to be polished. 


The scars might be greater than all the accolades that are bagged. For some CEOs, an act of assertiveness might be interpreted as dominance or ruthlessness. CEOs are said to lack empathy, but is overlooking emotions and focusing on revenue generation really an act heinous enough that it earns them such a discredit?


Another important point to note here is that an efficient CEO always demarcates and delegates responsibilities- It’s a different issue altogether if the enterprise is a single-person venture or a small business, however, medium and large-scale operations have dedicated people to perform the responsibilities of a CEO, who may or may not be the founder, a COO, who is more like an operating head and other team leaders. It does seem lucrative to fulfil the tasks single-handedly but we all do know of how Jack of all trades was master of none.


We all know how tedious first-times can be, be it learning how to maintain your balance on the bike or setting yourself on a new venture. Nothing in life comes easy, and before understanding what the position demands, CEOs do don on many hats in attempts to try and see what would work the best for their business. It’s a trial-and-error chase, you see.


This article doesn’t aim at pointing out what makes a good CEO or throw light at the ratio of female-male leaders in an industry, or what makes a CEO take decisions in a more efficient way- It is an attempt to emphasise on how a CEO’s life is. While we’ve all laughed on movies that portray how horrible bosses can be (oops, a pun) and have devised ideas to put a halt to their ‘drama’, we’ve to give in to the fact that it’s not all flowers-and-honey for them either, and though it may seem as if ruling is their second nature, they have to be wary enough to make as few decisions as possible, minimising any room for mistakes.


It’s a roller coaster ride, considering how they have to keep in mind the budget, be fixed at profit maximisation, the pandemic and it’s devastating consequences, at the same time ensuring that there’s adequate communication and that the employees’ concerns are addressed, if not totally satisfied. And while an office job might be for a stipulated time, that is from 10.00-17.00 with over-times if required, the job of a CEO doesn’t stop when the sun sets- It goes on in the background. Though it is a mere title, sometimes it’s this title that has the power to push you to think, be motivated, take that risk, and understand what would be the best for that dear business of yours.


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