It seems to have become an everyday routine with a passion to excel that comes at a cost, namely employee frustration, structural changes and much more that contribute to workplace woes. Comes into the scene is the time when you can work on your own terms, that is freelance, at your own pace- Enticing, isn’t it?  


You are your own entrepreneur here, yes, no questions asked or no T&Cs outlined in the fine print. How is this work classified though? 


It falls under the umbrella term of freelance- In terms of economics, freelancers fall under the sector of the gig economy. To put it simply, gig economy refers to any work done by people who are not bound by the strict rules of what can be considered as normal employment, though there are certain terms they must adhere to. 


What follows is a long list of benefits: No fixed working hours as freelancers can work at any given hour of the day, a chance to untap that hidden potential of yours as you can work more and develop your skill set, an opportunity to earn more depending on your skills, freedom to work at your own pace in your desired location and most importantly, you can say a NO to any client you’d not wish to work for!

No matter how fascinating it sounds, there exist a few brickbats. For instance, while you’ve the opportunity to work on multiple projects for a diverse range of clients, there’s the constant pressure to look for work. 


This is 2020- The year of make-shifts and mishaps. With a pangolin capturing the better part of the year, people have done their very best to adapt to the circumstances, for the show must go on. Freelancing has become THE thing of the present. Gone are the days when you would have been classified as ‘out-of-work’ or ‘good-for-nothing’ if you’d been made redundant or laid off. The way business is dealt with today has changed rapidly. Freelancing is categorised as a full-time job, something that you can do from 10.00 to 17.00, on a weekly basis.


While it does come as a breakthrough from the stereotypical office jobs and can be considered similar in nature to those on contract, freelancing helps you become a better, more mature personality. Fellow freelancers on popular sites like UpWork, SimplyHired or even LinkedIn are seen as a part of the growing network rather than the conventional rivals.


It is in this process of freelancing that you’d discover yourself, as they’d say in alchemy.


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