How difficult is it and indeed unfortunate that alongside battling the hardships that the restrictions have faced us with, we’re in an unprecedented puzzled phase. And to top it all up, this is the season when graduates finish college with flying colours, renewed hopes, energised and pumped-up to secure themselves great opportunities.


As the old adage says, the period after college is usually the phase that is supposed to make you or break you- It is this period that is supposed to be very crucial in determining what path your career would be moulded in.


While graduates are on the lookout for jobs that would enable them to utilise the best of what they’ve incorporated through months of strenuous education and training, the recent circumstances have left a lot of them crippled, in that they have been forced to curb their aspirations by accepting a lesser-than-what they originally desired pay package, move their area of expertise or keep going with their job hunt.


Job referral sites and boards are a great resource, with a lot of graduates preferring to browse through their LinkedIn than Instagram as the first-to-do thing in the mornings, which is surprising. Sites like Indeed and Glassdoor have been quite resourceful given the fact of how they aim at creating a community of people-in-the-same-boat by having reviews of the company, expected salaries and more information that certainly helps in preparing for interviews.


Recruitment companies have been flooded with calls, emails and possible messages on every handle that they have got a presence on. Sure, nobody is to be blamed here given the fact of how it has been a do-or-die situation out there.


Right, for freshers, any job seems to be daunting at first. A little courage and enthusiasm packed with diligence are all that you need to set off on this professional journey- Intimidating yet challenging!


However, given the cutthroat competition that resembles the survival-of-the-fittest scenario, even basic graduate jobs demand that applicants possess a couple of years’ experience, which for many makes no sense for ‘freshers’. Whether the company is to be blamed only because they want to be sure in picking the best candidates for themselves or freshers who wished to complete their education and then enter the professional realm are to be blamed would remain a question that could drive both the stakeholders to loggerheads.


As daunting and tiresome it may seem, job hunting is a full-time job in itself. You cannot just use one standard resume to apply for a domain of jobs, no matter how similar the roles. Keeping in mind the current fad resumes need to be tailor-made based on the description of the jobs, with career experts stating applicants to pick out words from the descriptions to make the applicants stand out in their applicant tracking systems (ATS). Algorithms, as they say!

While the earlier norm was for the working class, no matter whether a fresher or the CEO of a company, to stick to the working hours inside the four walls of their office, the outbreak seemed to ease this considering the shift from a conventional setting to more relaxed hybrid or complete remote working options. This has its own challenges, however, with graduates desirous of having a cabin space to themselves in the office and often finding it tedious to concentrate in their houses. 


Everybody seems to be in some kind of an uneasy race- while some are on the mission of landing themselves a job no matter what the specifications are, others are ardently looking for opportunities that would be beneficial to not just their financial statuses but also help in career progressions. No matter what the scenario is, the entire experience is quite overwhelming and given how dynamic the days are being, our advice would be to keep an eye out for opportunities and never give up!


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