Before we begin trodding on this subject, we’re aware of the fact of how difficult it is in these times to not physically shop at your favourite store and browse endlessly for hours. But have you ever wondered how must those behind the scenes be feeling about it?


Yes, we’re talking about the owners of such enterprises. It needn’t be reprised how the pangolin has left everyone crippled in their tracks, however, businesses have been making the most of it.


Imagine a life in their shoes- As soon as the shutters go up, the anticipation of making maximum sales, ordering greater stocks, tax refunds accompanied by customer woes at times, a little frustration, rearranging the inventory is what goes into the making of the perfect display at your favourite store.


But what about the things no one tells about when it comes to running a business?


For instance, just when you think you have the best array to cater to your customers, when you think you have articulated all that you think your customers need, you’re in for a surprise as your most-anticipated-products might not climb up the ranks of being the most-sold. What’s more, while it may indeed seem like a day job, it isn’t because you would need to work in the background, be it late at nights or early on weekends. 


Sometimes, Tuesdays might be the best days for you whereas on the other days it can be Saturdays- There is no fixed pattern when it comes to business.


Personalisation- As a business owner, you know how critical it is to survive. While you must have had a quick SWOT analysis of who your competitors are and how you would need to outperform them. Get the personal touch in marketing, add humour to what and how you sell.


You set on an odyssey of NOs: NO- when a product is out of stock, NO- when you cannot lower the price as it would interfere with your margin, NO- to the additional expense on marketing, NO- when the customer wouldn’t buy your product, no matter what you say.


It’s hectic, but surely what comes without a price?


Now imagine, such stores being forced to close its doors, having heaps of inventory gone without making it to see the light of the day, no face-to-face interactions with the shoppers- Bizarre, isn’t it?


The government has, time and again, come up with grants and initiatives to aid the transition to e-commerce development and boost the sales online- Take, for instance, the trading grants being offered to the local Small-medium enterprises (SMEs). Customers have been empathetic and supportive, with #SupportLocalSMEs being the prime of the social media campaigns these days.


Nobody said it was going to be easy, but with the correct mindset, you may be successful in having it all.


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