People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will not forget how you made them feel- Maya Angelou


With busy schedules to adhere to and fast-paced lifestyles to maintain, the idea of doing something without expecting compensation in return, these days, is no less than an ordeal. Everything is gauged in terms of monetary or other concrete benefits and nobody is to be blamed for this- This is the twenty-first century that demands survival of the fittest! 


However, in such daily grind, quite often do we tend to neglect the positivities that life has to offer, the power of altruism. While this post isn’t philosophical in approach, it is an attempt on focusing on the lives of those who have committed to volunteering for a cause, on a full-time basis.


Yes, organisations are in need of individuals who can make a difference, now more than an ever! While some of these organisations offer certain compensation like food or travel allowances, others aren’t in a state to, and the volunteers who commit to such causes often do, out of the goodness of their hearts- The urge that makes them feel that they need to contribute to the society in the littlest way possible.


A full-day job is hectic, but imagine working for a noble cause without any sort of expectation at the end. Let’s take a day from the life of a volunteer- A typical day begins with them preparing themselves to embrace what the day brings in, coupled with a kind of adrenaline to meet someone new or do something for the first time. Yes, a lot of the tasks that a volunteer is supposed to do as per the job requirement might be a first for that person, which makes it one of the reasons why volunteering is in fad these days. 


While you can register with the local volunteering centre online and wait for them to allot you to a specific task or an organisation that caters closely to your area of interest, you may also lookup for other organisations yourself. Everybody needs help with something or the other, and you do not necessarily have to be a part of a large group to volunteer- Taking some time off to read a couple of letters to your old neighbour or offering to walk the dog while your pregnant friend stays home and minds the kids, can also be termed as volunteering.


Another trend observed in the youth of today is the desire to volunteer ‘abroad’. The world has gotten closer and with the social media explosion, borders are nothing but mere lines to demarcate territories- Volunteering abroad brings in opportunities for cultural exchanges, fresh beginnings, renewed hopes and so on.


Why is volunteering important then? As the great legend Aristotle once remarked that the essence of life is to ‘serve others and do good’, you feel a different sense of belonging- A feeling that is quite inexplicable that comes after doing something so noble. Given the wonders of hybrid and online working, you can sign up to be an online volunteer for an organisation, in quite a hassle-free manner. Students, graduates, people-out-of-work and everybody else are actively looking up on the job boards to find an opportunity that will help them utilise their skillsets at the same time, help them towards society.


And while it may not earn you concrete remuneration, it does look great on your resume, or the mere fact that it keeps you engaged all throughout and leaves you with a sense of satisfaction. While it may not pay you, it does present you with different opportunities as a job with a proper pay package would, networking for instance, and who knows how one of these might unfold and get you a new chapter in life?


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